Dr Gadget: Fitness http://www.drgadget.co.uk/shop.php?c=Fitness&n=319535011 Dr Gadget - Selling toys and gadgets online since 1999 en-gb Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT Associate-O-Matic v5.6.0 1440 Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Health & Fitness Tracker http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07G3M7T7L_Fitbit-Charge-3-Advanced-Health-Fitness-Tracker.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07G3M7T7L_Fitbit-Charge-3-Advanced-Health-Fitness-Tracker.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41Hkth4uDkL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="64"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £125.00<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Water resistant up to 50M, Battery life up to 7 days, 24/7 heart rate, Compatible with Apple iOS 9 or higher, Android OS 5.0 or higher, and Windows 10 version 1607.0 or higher, Auto exercise tracking, sleep tracking &amp; insights...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.56444500 1544351385 Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B01MSWF4YR_Fitbit-Charge-2-Heart-Rate-and-Fitness-Wristband.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B01MSWF4YR_Fitbit-Charge-2-Heart-Rate-and-Fitness-Wristband.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41oTRgioP0L._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £79.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Pureplus Heart Rate: Continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking without an uncomfortable chest strap., All-Day Activity Tracking: Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and hourly activity. Charge 2 sends reminders to move that encourage you to take 250 steps every hour, Auto Sleep Tracking: Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and set a silent vibrating alarm. Automatically records select exercises like hiking, biking, sports and more. Charge time - One to two hours. Battery life up to 5 days, Auto Exercise Recognition: SmartTrack automatically recognizes select exercises (running, biking and more) and records them for you in the Fitbit app. Syncs with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, Android 4.4 and later, and Windows 10 devices, Connected GPS: Connect Charge 2 with the GPS on your phone to see real-time stats like pace and distance on display and record a map of your route.Charge 2 syncs wirelessly &amp; automatically to 200+ iPhone, Android and Windows devices...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.56459200 1544351385 Huawei Band Pro Fitness Wristband Activity Tracker http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07KRW1ZBD_Huawei-Band-Pro-Fitness-Wristband-Activity-Tracker.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07KRW1ZBD_Huawei-Band-Pro-Fitness-Wristband-Activity-Tracker.html"><img src="aom/themes/default/images/nopic_Small.gif"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £24.59<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Huawei Band Pro Fitness Wristband Activity Tracker...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.56469000 1544351385 Ultrasport 4-in-1 Door Pull-up / Chin-up Bar / Upper Body Trainer http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B01B1MTO6G_Ultrasport-4-in-1-Door-Pull-up-Chin-up-Bar-Upper-Body-Trainer.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B01B1MTO6G_Ultrasport-4-in-1-Door-Pull-up-Chin-up-Bar-Upper-Body-Trainer.html"><img src="aom/themes/default/images/nopic_Small.gif"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £18.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">The perfect home trainer (even for rented apartments) as no drilling or fixed mounting is needed, Padded grips ensure secure hold for every exercise, Can be used for optimal upper body training, strengthening of the core and arm muscles, or isolation and strengthening of the central back muscles, Ideal for door frames with a width of approx. 24 to max. 32 in (61 to max. 81 cm) and a depth from 24 to max. 32 in (61 to max. 81 cm), Robust, hard-wearing steel construction - max. load up to 220 lbs (100 kg)...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.56988200 1544351385 Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider, fitness bike and ab trainer, sporting equipment, ideal cardio trainer http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07JZS46BW_Ultrasport-F-Bike-and-F-Rider-fitness-bike-and-ab-trainer-sporting-equipment-ideal-cardio-trainer.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07JZS46BW_Ultrasport-F-Bike-and-F-Rider-fitness-bike-and-ab-trainer-sporting-equipment-ideal-cardio-trainer.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41-nqJpB8YL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £73.97<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider, fitness bike and ab trainer, sporting equipment, ideal cardio trainer...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57001900 1544351385 Fitbit Unisex Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07BTSV59H_Fitbit-Unisex-Versa-Health-and-Fitness-Smartwatch.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B07BTSV59H_Fitbit-Unisex-Versa-Health-and-Fitness-Smartwatch.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41txNT1sQWL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £159.00<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Fitbit Versa has a battery life of 4+ days, Charge time (0-100%) Two hours. Syncing range: Up to 6.1 meter, Store and play 300+ songs, On-screen coaching, Continuous heart rate, Apps, clock faces &amp; notifications...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57015200 1544351385 SKLZ Star Kick Trainer Football Training Aid http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B000A1FCNY_SKLZ-Star-Kick-Trainer-Football-Training-Aid.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B000A1FCNY_SKLZ-Star-Kick-Trainer-Football-Training-Aid.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41YhkuCmnXL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="50"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£18.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £11.95<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £7.04 (37%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Hands-free trainer allows players to maximise the number of touches on the ball with more mobility. Great for solo goalie conditioning, 6ft kinetic elastic cord stretches to over 18ft, Neoprene waistband with Velcro strap and clip, Durable patented neoprene glove fits #3 #4 and #5 footballs...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57034800 1544351385 Ultrasport 4 in 1 Door Bar/Pull-up Bar/Upper Body Trainer, Adjustable http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B019H12VG8_Ultrasport-4-in-1-Door-Bar-Pull-up-Bar-Upper-Body-Trainer-Adjustable.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B019H12VG8_Ultrasport-4-in-1-Door-Bar-Pull-up-Bar-Upper-Body-Trainer-Adjustable.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/4127jf84OFL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£21.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £18.99<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £3.00 (14%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">The perfect home trainer (even for rented apartments) as no drilling or fixed assembly is needed, Padded grips ensure secure hold for every exercise, Can be used for optimal upper body training - strengthening of the core and arm muscles, or isolation and strengthening of the central back muscles, Perfect for door frames with a width of approx. 29 in (73 cm) up to max. 35 in (89 cm) and a depth from 4 in (11 cm) up to 10 in (26 cm), Robust, durable construction - max. user weight 220 lbs (100 kg)...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57051900 1544351385 Ultrasport Mini Bike http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B077B6VRMJ_Ultrasport-Mini-Bike.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B077B6VRMJ_Ultrasport-Mini-Bike.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41AzXu3uoRL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy:</b> £44.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Compact home trainer - hand and foot pedals with an adjustable pedal strap, The small exercise bike is perfect for strengthening your arm and leg muscles, On-board computer with large LCD display: Displays scan, time, distance, rotations per exercise, total rotations and calorie consumption, Max. user weight on the exercise bike: up to 100 kg, 2 kg flywheel, manual resistance settings, Delivery of pedal trainer as an assembly kit incl. complete assembly material + user manual...</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57067400 1544351385 Ultrasport Ab Trainer, a professional ab trainer for intensive ab training at home. Foldable and can thus be stored compactly after training http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B002U0KB84_Ultrasport-Ab-Trainer-a-professional-ab-trainer-for-intensive-ab-training-at-home-Foldable-and-can-thus-be-stored-compactly-after-training.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/Fitness_319535011_B002U0KB84_Ultrasport-Ab-Trainer-a-professional-ab-trainer-for-intensive-ab-training-at-home-Foldable-and-can-thus-be-stored-compactly-after-training.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41dM%2B-14nFL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £23.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">This ab trainer helps you selectively train your abdominal muscles, while stimulating your metabolism and activating fat burning, Your back is optimally protected through the gentle movement, therefore the fitness trainer is supremely suitable for everyone, including OAPs, The ab trainer offers various training options - you can thus fully train upper, lower, and side abdominal muscles, The sport device impresses with a soft headrest and comfortable supports for arms and hands - thus longer endurance training sessions are possible without hassle, Its handy dimensions makes the ab trainer the ideal home trainer, it is also foldable and can thus be stowed easily, Dimensions set-up: approx. 71 x 71 x 73 cm....</td></tr></table> Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:29:45 GMT 0.57094200 1544351385