Dr Gadget: Kids Toys http://www.drgadget.co.uk/shop.php?c=KidsToys&n=595314 Dr Gadget - Selling toys and gadgets online since 1999 en-gb Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT Associate-O-Matic v5.6.0 1440 Asmodee Dobble Card Game http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B0031QBHMA_Asmodee-Dobble-Card-Game.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B0031QBHMA_Asmodee-Dobble-Card-Game.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61n1%2BfEq3NL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£12.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £9.00<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £3.99 (31%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">A game of speed, observation and reflexes, Race to find the one matching image between one card and another, Images may be different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot, Every card is different and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck, Five mini games: Fill the well, the towering inferno, hot potato, catch them all and the poisoned gift...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15044200 1547620994 L.O.L Surprise! Lil Sister Series 4-2 Collectable http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B07BK7QQGL_LOL-Surprise-Lil-Sister-Series-4-2-Collectable.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B07BK7QQGL_LOL-Surprise-Lil-Sister-Series-4-2-Collectable.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41R%2BQ6006fL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="64"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £5.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">L.O.L. Surprise! eye spy series lil sisters includes five surprises, Find surprise clues with the spy glass, Dunk doll in cold water for color change surprise, Ball becomes keychain, carrying case and bath playset, Collector's poster; styles may vary for ages 6 plus years...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15068200 1547620994 Shuffle Monopoly Deal Card Game http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00MCL0ZEQ_Shuffle-Monopoly-Deal-Card-Game.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00MCL0ZEQ_Shuffle-Monopoly-Deal-Card-Game.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51OU9bTD-rL._SL75_.jpg"width="69"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £6.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Shuffle Monopoly Deal - Fast Dealing Card Stealing Fun, Card game version of the popular Monopoly Board Game, This fun family card game includes Property, Money, Action &amp; Chance Cards (Chance Cards included in the App), Choose you favourite playing piece with the Free Shuffle App which adds chance cards to the game and also for quick start videos for iOS Devices., Suitable for ages 8+ and 2-5 Players...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15084600 1547620994 Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B073FTR5VV_Hasbro-Gaming-Monopoly-Classic-Game.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B073FTR5VV_Hasbro-Gaming-Monopoly-Classic-Game.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61NhDvIgLQL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£21.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £15.86<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £6.13 (28%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Fast-dealing property trading game, Players buy, sell and trade to win, Houses and hotels, Change your fortune, Item is London version of the Monopoly game....</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15100700 1547620994 TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs - Educational Shape Sorter Toy - Suitable From 6 Months http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00068Q7LC_TOMY-Toomies-Hide-and-Squeak-Eggs-Educational-Shape-Sorter-Toy-Suitable-From-6-Months.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00068Q7LC_TOMY-Toomies-Hide-and-Squeak-Eggs-Educational-Shape-Sorter-Toy-Suitable-From-6-Months.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51M-hxr3-dL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="54"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £7.44<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Lots of shape sorting fun., Make my cheeky chicks squeak! Improves manual dexterity and promotes recognition of colors and shapes, Can you match our silly faces to our shells and our shells to the right holes in the carton?, Close our box for easy storage or take us on the go!, Perfect for little hands. Suitable for 6 months +...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15116800 1547620994 Monopoly E6603102 Fortnite Edition Board Game, Multi-Color http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B07H6ZWB57_Monopoly-E6603102-Fortnite-Edition-Board-Game-Multi-Color.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B07H6ZWB57_Monopoly-E6603102-Fortnite-Edition-Board-Game-Multi-Color.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51aMJuI9dSL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£21.99</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £18.94<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £3.05 (14%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Fortnite fans, this edition of the Monopoly game is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game, it's not about what players own; it's about how long they can survive, In the Monopoly: Fortnite Edition board game, 2 to 7 players claim locations, battle their opponents, and avoid the storm to survive; the last player standing wins, The Monopoly: Fortnite Edition board game features well-known locations as properties, and players aim to earn Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money to stay in the game, Use loot chest items and the action die to battle opponents in this fun board game for Monopoly fans and Fortnite fans, ages 13 and up, The game comes with 27 Fortnite outfits with pawn stands, and players can choose to play as their favourite...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15136900 1547620994 TOMY Pop Up Pirate - Classic Children's Action Game for 2 to 4 players - Suitable From 4 years http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00000JICB_TOMY-Pop-Up-Pirate-Classic-Childrens-Action-Game-for-2-to-4-players-Suitable-From-4-years.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B00000JICB_TOMY-Pop-Up-Pirate-Classic-Childrens-Action-Game-for-2-to-4-players-Suitable-From-4-years.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/515SPYS395L._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £9.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">● Welcome aboard, me hearties! Pop-up Pirate is the classic action game that's a barrel of fun!, ● Players take turns to carefully slide their coloured swords into the barrel..., ● ... If you send Pirate Pete flying, you're out of the game. Last surviving pirate wins the game., ● No one knows when the pirate will pop up next! It's different every time., ● For 2 to 4 players....</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15158000 1547620994 LEGO 31058 Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Toy, 3 in 1 Model, Triceratops and Pterodactyl Dinosaur Figures, Modular Building System http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B01J41DNWM_LEGO-31058-Creator-Mighty-Dinosaurs-Toy-3-in-1-Model-Triceratops-and-Pterodactyl-Dinosaur-Figures-Modular-Building-System.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B01J41DNWM_LEGO-31058-Creator-Mighty-Dinosaurs-Toy-3-in-1-Model-Triceratops-and-Pterodactyl-Dinosaur-Figures-Modular-Building-System.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51DiTHPxwlL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £13.00<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Have fun with this T-Rex, featuring a dark-green and beige colour scheme, bright orange eyes, poseable joints and head, large claws and an opening mouth, Pose the T-Rex's arms, legs, tail and head and open its mouth to reveal ferocious teeth, Also includes the Dinosaur's prey in the form of a buildable rib cage, Rebuild this 3-in-1 LEGO creator mighty Dinosaurs model to create a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl, LEGO creator 3-in-1 building sets are compatible with all LEGO construction toys for creative building...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15177200 1547620994 Staedtler Noris Club 326 WP20 Fibre Tip Pen in Wallet, Assorted Colours, Pack of 20 http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B001ARYGS4_Staedtler-Noris-Club-326-WP20-Fibre-Tip-Pen-in-Wallet-Assorted-Colours-Pack-of-20.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B001ARYGS4_Staedtler-Noris-Club-326-WP20-Fibre-Tip-Pen-in-Wallet-Assorted-Colours-Pack-of-20.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31iisFsXo6L._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="75"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>List Price:</b> <strike>£6.91</strike><br /><b>Buy New:</b> £3.02<br /> <b>You Save:</b> £3.89 (56%)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Water-based ink washes out of most textiles easily, Sturdy and pressure resistant tip, Dry safe ink, can be left uncapped for days without drying up, Line width approximately 1.0 mm; packaging may vary...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15193400 1547620994 Nerf N-Strike Elite, Disruptor Toy http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B01MXLMEAP_Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Disruptor-Toy.html <table><tr><td width="50"><a href="http://www.drgadget.co.uk/KidsToys_595314_B01MXLMEAP_Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Disruptor-Toy.html"><img src="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41b4HK80TQL._SL75_.jpg"width="75"height="56"></a></td><td width="5"></td><td valign="top"><b>Buy New:</b> £8.99<br /></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">Six dart rotating drum, Quick-draw blaster, Slam-fire action, Includes six elite darts, Fires darts up to 90 ft (27 m)...</td></tr></table> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:43:14 GMT 0.15208700 1547620994